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posted Mar 28 2016

Get Stylish Commercial Tile Ceiling With Mulinsen

If you plan for a breathtaking change to your decor, there is a lot of difference a new tile ceiling would make – all for a nominal investment of money and time!

The ceiling tiles are known to help in noise reduction, absorbing sounds and preventing loud environments. If you are the one who has issues while having conversations in a cafe or with the absence of peaceful environment in the office – the stylish ceiling tiles are for you. These commercial ceiling tiles are perfect for properties with hard surface flooring where the sound echoes.

The tile ceilings from Mulinsen, a renowned plasterer in Melbourne, are a winner in terms of quality, purpose, results, and price. From perfect light reflection to considerable sound reduction Рwe provide the best match with aesthetics and durability in commercial ceiling tiles Melbourne. With options in acoustic, fiberglass and metal suspended ceiling tiles, we ensure that your ceiling looks the best.

Benefits of tile ceilings Melbourne:

Apart from being easy to install, they can be slot within a grid quickly. A new tile ceiling can completely transform your home or room – making them a wonderful addition to the decor.

  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Soundproof and fireproof
  • Mould and water resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical and affordable way to change the way your ceilings look
  • Cost-effective and alternative option to painting
  • Provides extended lifetime to the ceilings
  • Easy installation and simple process fitting
  • Provides maximum reduction to sound from external sources
  • Creates a comfortable environment with great aesthetic appeal

At Mulinsen, we offer a stunning selection of suspended ceiling tiles, louvers, drop ceiling grids and cornices. Available in many finishes in textured, smooth, metal, wood and more – our commercial ceiling tiles can inspire a lot of unique ideas for your ceilings. Our ceiling service is perfect for architects, designers, businesses, commercial properties, and homeowners.

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